Beer Shoppe


The Beer Shoppe

Our retail Beer Shoppe

Nestled between the Hall and the Taproom, the Retail Beer Shoppe stands as a haven for beer enthusiasts seeking a taste of the brewery’s finest creations for take-away.

With an inviting atmosphere and a rustic charm, this shoppe is an extension of the Sherwood lounge, offering a unique experience to visitors.

The cozy space has an occupancy of 29 people, providing an intimate setting for patrons to savor the carefully crafted Sherwood beers.

Beer Shoppe Merch

Celebrating craft beer

Step into the Beer Shoppe, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the rich aroma of Sherwood’s signature brews.

Featuring 11 beers on tap, and a delightful cider option from a BC Cidery, patrons can enjoy a diverse range of flavors straight from the brewery’s taps. The Shoppe goes beyond the draft, offering an extensive selection of canned and bottled items for sale, allowing visitors to take a piece of Sherwood’s craftsmanship home with them.

The shelves are adorned with a variety of Sherwood-branded merchandise, from stylish apparel to collectible glassware, providing an opportunity for beer enthusiasts to showcase their love for craft beer.

Beer Shoppe Christmas

Casual comfort

More than just a retail space, the Beer Shoppe is a versatile venue that caters to a variety of needs. Whether it’s a casual evening with friends or a private celebration, the shoppe can be rented out for private events, adding a touch of brewery charm to any gathering.

To enhance the social atmosphere, the space is equipped with an array of games for patron use, encouraging a lively and enjoyable experience. A strategically placed TV is available for those looking to catch up on sports or enjoy entertainment while sipping on Sherwood’s finest brews.

With its combination of quality beverages, merchandise, and a welcoming ambiance, the Retail Beer Shoppe at Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse is a must-visit destination for beer aficionados and social gatherings alike.