Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse is owned and operated by two masters: Darryl Tucker, a Brewmaster, and Linda Parker, a Master in Business Administration.

The premise of the idea for a brewhouse was envisioned by Tucker. He pursued his interest and love of beer to become a Brewmaster, training in Germany and plying his trade at an established craft brewery in Ontario. Tucker has over 25 years experience in hospitality industry-based marketing and promotions, notably spending eight years as the Marketing Manager for the local airline Hawkair.

Tucker, knowing his strengths, needed support in the ‘business’ of brewing beer. Parker, a longtime friend who introduced Tucker to the idea of ‘studying’ beer, is the perfect fit. Parker’s education (MBA and B.Sc.) contributes an understanding of the chemistry, microbiology and raw ingredients via her science degree in botany matched with over 25 years of experience in small business. Parker brings the tool bag of planning, financial and management skills.


Way up in the northwest, somewhere south of Alaska and North of Washington State, there’s a place called Sherwood Mountain. It’s surrounded on all sides by snow-capped peaks and raging rivers. Now, while Sherwood shares its name with a famous forest, it doesn’t mean it has a bunch of Englishmen swinging from tree to tree in green tights. But like that forest of the same name, it most definitely has a Friar.

This fella, this Friar, Tuck is his name, isn’t a spiritual man in the classical sense of the word but he does share many traits with those community-minded men of the cloth. His open and generous spirit has made him one that his friends depend on, and he’s known far and wide for his love of beer. From lagers to stouts to saisons to IPAs, the Friar has made friends with them all.


At the mountaintop, Marian surveys her domain.

An inspired landscape stretches out before her; the North in all its glory. She’s in her element here, soaking in the solitude, taking in her surroundings, enjoying a moment of reflection. Marian picks some fragrant herbs and wild hops, placing them in her satchel, a gift for a beer-loving friend in town.


The Surveyor of Sherwood… was known as a man of action, determination and rumors of great wealth! For a man of the mountains he was impeccably dressed… a clean cut man known for his generosity, knowledge and community mindedness. Whenever time allowed he would find his way to the brewhouse in town, ring the bell and a round of his favourite brown ale would fill everyone’s mugs.


Kalum greets you at the door, a wagging tail and a glint in his eye. It’s the same for everyone visiting the Brewhouse, an exuberant welcome of fur and happiness on the way to a mug of the Friar’s finest. As the room fills, pints are pulled and instruments are tuned. Kalum drifts off to sleep amongst the clinking of glasses and peals of laughter.



Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse was commisioned in the fall of 2014 in Terrace, British Columbia. The brewhouse is a 2 vessel 15 barrel steam jacketed designed and built by Canada’s Criveller Manufacturing.

With start-up Sherwood brewed into 3 x  30 bbl fermenters and 1 x 30 bbl brite tank. In 2016 another pair of 30 bbl fermenters were added to the line-up built by BC’s own Interior Stainless. September 2018 saw the addition of another pair of 45 bbl tanks to the Sherwood Cellar. Most recently in 2019 Sherwood installed a third 45 bbl tank.

For packaging Sherwood kegs 58.6L and 19.5L; bottles on a two-head Meheen into the 650ml “bomber” bottle and most recently began canning into 355ml cans on a Wild Goose 2 head automated filler.

Sherwood utilizes a 2 head mill; a 2 head semi-automatic keg washer; and 40 by 40 plate and frame filter press.

The brewing operations are open Monday to Friday 9 to 6 or as the beer demands. Tours can be arranged as time allows and/or booked in advance.