Sherwood Taproom

Welcome to the Taproom

Welcoming visitors to the heart of Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse, the front Taproom stands as the original service lounge of the brewery, steeped in history and brimming with a warm, communal atmosphere.

With an occupancy of 60 people, this vibrant space serves as the ideal setting for patrons to indulge in Sherwood’s diverse selection of craft beers. The Taproom boasts an inside service area where patrons can cozy up to the bar and savor the latest brews on tap.

Sherwood Taproom Patio - Terrace BC

Our outdoor patio

For those who prefer the open air, an outdoor covered patio beckons, providing a serene spot to enjoy a pint amidst the brewery’s scenic surroundings.

During the colder months, the outdoor experience is enhanced with patio tent heaters, ensuring that patrons can enjoy the Taproom’s ambiance year-round.

Sherwood Mountain Taproom Beer

What’s on tap

The Taproom goes above and beyond, offering a haven for beer enthusiasts with a selection of 12 Sherwood beers on tap, each a testament to the brewery’s dedication to craftsmanship and quality.

It is also located next to the manufacturing floor, giving patrons a unique opportunity to watch Brewers make their favourite craft beer.

Complementing the local brews, the Taproom proudly features a cider on tap from a BC Cidery, broadening the beverage options for patrons with a penchant for cider.

Taproom Christmas

Not your ordinary Taproom

Beyond the libations, the Taproom serves as a canvas for local artistry and community engagement.

Mug Club member mugs are proudly displayed, showcasing a community of dedicated patrons. Additionally, the Taproom doubles as an art gallery, featuring local artwork, adding an extra layer of cultural richness to the brewery experience.

For those eager to stay in the loop with local happenings, a notice board highlights upcoming events from Sherwood and other nearby venues, encouraging Taproom patrons to immerse themselves in the vibrant local scene.

The Front Taproom at Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse is not just a destination for exceptional craft beer but a hub for community, culture, and connection.

Tap Room Outdoor Patio