The Hall


Hall rental - Terrace BC

Sherwood’s event venue

The Hall at Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse, standing as the largest of the three service areas, is a versatile and dynamic space that caters to a variety of events, making it a cornerstone of the Brewhouse’s community engagement.

With an impressive occupancy of 86 people, the Hall offers a wide-open expanse with tall ceilings, creating an inviting atmosphere for patrons. Designed with a keen focus on acoustics, the space is equipped with sound panels, making it an ideal music venue that delivers a superb auditory experience for both performers and audiences alike.

Hall rental - Terrace BC

Local talent

At the heart of The Hall is a well-equipped stage, complete with a professional sound system and a dazzling array of lights, setting the stage for unforgettable performances.

Every Sunday, The Hall comes alive with Sherwood’s Open Mic events and Trivia afternoons, where patrons can showcase their talents or engage in friendly competition.

Additionally, The Hall serves as the venue for the renowned Sherwood Sessions, featuring a diverse lineup of local, national, and international musical talent, further solidifying Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse as a cultural hub in Terrace.

Hall rental - Terrace BC

Private bookings

Beyond the brewery’s curated events, The Hall is available for private rentals, providing a flexible space for a range of occasions. From wedding receptions and birthday parties to staff gatherings, patrons can transform The Hall to suit their needs.

Sherwood offers tables, benches, and lighting options to enhance the ambiance of private events, ensuring that the Hall remains a dynamic and welcoming space for the community.

As a testament to Sherwood’s commitment to fostering a thriving local scene, The Hall stands not just as a venue but as a celebration of music, culture, and communal gatherings in the heart of Terrace.

Hall rental - Terrace BC